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General Terms & Conditions

Please note:

Quotation given is only an offer; no space has been secured, so prices and availabilities are subject to change and will be reconfirmed only at the moment of the final reservation (the offer is not valid on special events or bank holidays). The hotel could be replaced at the moment of the confirmation, with another hotel of similar category.


TRAVEL RIGHT will accommodate clients on FIT or groups ­­­­­as mentioned in the offer. All tour packages are priced for particular no. of passengers mentioned. Smaller groups of Clients may incur increased costs compared to a larger group. TRAVEL RIGHT will explain such costs to the Clients well in advance of the tour. Airline and train tickets (wherever applicable) are non-refundable. Incase of a group tour, if individual/ few Clients cancel, and a smaller group of Clients still desire to travel together, that group will incur additional costs to be explained to the Clients well in advance of the tour. Refund Policy will be stated and will be applied accordingly.


(a) Hotels – TRAVEL RIGHT will offer the hotel(s) for the tour. Prior to the departure, TRAVEL RIGHT will provide the Client with the hotel information, including the name, location, and telephone number of the hotel. In advance of the tour, the Client will inform TRAVEL RIGHT whether he or she prefers a shared room or a single room. If the client prefers to share a room with another tour member, TRAVEL RIGHT will use its best efforts to make a compatible shared room assignment for the Client. The Client shall inform TRAVEL RIGHT if the Client has any special needs, including a smoking or non-smoking room. If the Client expresses no preference within a reasonable time before the tour, TRAVEL RIGHT will assign the Client to either a shared or a single room at TRAVEL RIGHT’s discretion. If a single room is assigned to the Client for any reason, including, but not limited to, a roommate’s cancellation and incompatibility (even during the tour), the Client will be responsible for the cost of the single room.

(b) Travel – TRAVEL RIGHT will select and make air and ground transportation arrangements for the Client. Upon request from the Client, TRAVEL RIGHT will provide the Client with detailed information about the travel arrangements.


The air conditioning and heating systems differs from hotel to hotel. If the Client has special requirements regarding air conditioning, the Client must alert TRAVEL RIGHT to those requirements well in advance of the tour. TRAVEL RIGHT will not be responsible for any damages or discomfort caused by inadequate heating and/or air-conditioning in any hotel, bus, train, airplane, or other accommodation used by the Client on the tour.


TRAVEL RIGHT, in its discretion, may substitute portions of the tour, including, but not limited to, sightseeing, hotels, and restaurants, prior to, and during, the tour. TRAVEL RIGHT will fully explain such substitutions to the Client as such substitutions become known to TRAVEL RIGHT.


During local or national holidays abroad, some facilities, such as museums and shops, may close or operate on limited schedules. On such occasions, TRAVEL RIGHT may make itinerary adjustments to minimize inconvenience to the Client. TRAVEL RIGHT / tour operator on ground will inform the Client if any such adjustments need to be made.


Smoking or Alchohol may not be permitted in most restaurants, interiors of cafes, bars, and some public buildings. It may also be prohibited in taxis, trains, boats, and private minibuses used during day tours and travel to/from airports and train stations. Many hotels have smoking rooms, private balconies, and public outdoor terraces available for smoking. The Client is responsible for complying with all applicable smoking laws.


The Client will be required to comply with the laws and rules of all applicable government agencies. If the Client has questions about Non-Resident status or any other questions related to travel documents, such questions should be directed to TRAVEL RIGHT at least two months before the tour.


Vaccinations may be required to visit certain countries. This will be informed as and when required.


Airlines may charge extra fees for checked luggage exceeding size limits. (considering the sum of the width, height, and depth measurements). Airlines may also apply additional charges for baggage over the weight limit. The Client is solely responsible for complying with baggage restrictions and paying any fees imposed for noncompliance. TRAVEL RIGHT encourages the Client to contact the airline regarding size and weight restrictions in advance of the tour. TRAVEL RIGHT is not responsible for any damage to, or loss of, the Client’s luggage.


TRAVEL RIGHT STRONGLY encourages the Client to carry Travel Insurance for the tour. TRAVEL RIGHT may facilitate Travel Insurance for the tour, but will not be liable for any damages or deficiencies in the Client’s travel insurance coverage.

11. VISA.

TRAVEL RIGHT may facilitate Visa process for the tour, but will not be liable for any delay or rejections and subsequently not responsible for any inconveniences. We strongly recommend to apply Visas well in advance and comply with all the formalities.

In case you require a visa letter; we need a refundable advance of 30%. Refund is given after showing proof of visa rejection. In case documents were not in proper order or the passenger does not comply to the rules, NO Refund will be granted.


The agent or representative of the Group must submit the list of clients willing to take the tour in the prescribed excel sheet and provide the passport copies (3 copies) and a soft copy of each passenger to facilitate the booking process. Any further requirements will be notified as and when required.


Client should abide by the city taxes and pay the same in the hotels. Where porterage and Tipping of Guide Services/ other required services is necessary, has to be paid by the client on spot. TRAVEL RIGHT will not / be responsible to collect the same from the client in advance or later. Personal expenses like telephone, laundry etc. must be borne by the client. TRAVEL RIGHT will not bear personal expenses of any sort.


Any unforeseen situation like natural calamity, flight or train delays, traffic jams, political conditions etc. that leads to increase of package cost, will not be borne by TRAVEL RIGHT and has to be paid for on the spot.


The Client agrees to inform TRAVEL RIGHT well in advance of the tour of his or her plans to arrive in the destination before the tour, and/or remain after the termination of the tour so that TRAVEL RIGHT can make arrangements supporting the Client’s early arrival and/or late departure. All costs associated with the additional arrangements, including but not limited to the costs of additional hotel stays, early check in or late check out, train tickets, and meals, will be the sole responsibility of the Client.


The Client agrees to notify TRAVEL RIGHT well in advance of the tour of any physical challenges or other special needs that may require accommodation or support arrangements on the tour. TRAVEL RIGHT will use its best efforts to make accommodations for Clients with special needs, but if such accommodations cannot reasonably be made, TRAVEL RIGHT will refund the Client’s deposit/payments for that particular service mentioned as per the Refund policy of the supplier. Any surcharge related to this will be borne by the client. 


The Client is responsible for bringing and/or purchasing any needed medical supplies. The Client should bring supplies for the duration of the tour. TRAVEL RIGHT is not responsible for the purchase of any Client medications. 

 18. WAIVER.

If, due to weather, flight schedule changes / cancellations or other uncontrollable factors, the Client is required to spend any additional night(s) en route to, or from, the Client’s gateway city, the Client will be responsible for his or her own hotel, transfers, meals, and other costs. TRAVEL RIGHT does not own or operate the entities that provide goods and services during the tour. This includes, but, is not limited to, lodging facilities, airline, guide services (from third party organizations), train, or other transport companies. All such entities are independent organizations. TRAVEL RIGHT is not liable for any negligent or wilful act or failure to act of any such person or entity, or of any third party. In addition and without limitation, TRAVEL RIGHT is not responsible for any injury, loss, death, inconvenience, delay, or damage to person or property in connection with the provision of any goods or services, whether resulting from, but not limited to, acts of God, illness, disease, acts of war or civil unrest, insurrection or revolt, animals, third party (including Client) negligence, recklessness, or intentional misconduct, strikes or other labor activities, criminal or terrorist activities of any kind, mechanical or other failure of airplanes or other means of transportation, or for any failure of any transportation mechanism to arrive or depart on time.



In certain countries vaccinations may be required or recommended by the Department of Health. As regulations are frequently changing, you must check with your doctor as to which vaccinations’ are advisable for your chosen holiday. You may also check with your local health provider. Valid medical insurance for the entire duration of your trip is highly recommended.


The safety standards and regulations, which apply overseas, are those of the country concerned. We suggest you familiarise yourself with fire escapes, and check depth and exits from swimming pools before swimming. Upset stomachs can easily be caused from climate change, water & ice. Sexually transmitted diseases are a serious threat throughout the world. Please exercise precaution and seek immediate advice if you think you may be affected. Avoid skin piercing and touching wild or stray animals as rabies is also a big threat. You should take due care of sunburn by using creams and not over exposing yourself. It is advisable to keep note of any significant medical condition you have and details of any medication you are prescribed.



The Client, agent or representative must make a non-refundable INR 5000 per passenger deposit to TRAVEL RIGHT in order to hold a space for a specific tour. FULL PAYMENT is required no later than 60 days prior to the departure date. If the Client joins a tour fewer than 60 days prior to the departure date, the Client must make the Full Payment (not just INR 5000 per passenger deposit) to hold a space. The amount of the Full Payment will be based on the expenses associated with the Client’s tour. TRAVEL RIGHT will disclose the amount of the Full Payment and the date such payment is due well in advance of the date such payment is due. All prices are subject to change due to any change in TRAVEL RIGHT’ costs, including, but not limited to, changes in the number of group members and currency fluctuations. TRAVEL RIGHT will disclose any change in the amount of the Full Payment well in advance of the date such payment is due. TRAVEL RIGHT will intimate client or the representative for the payments as and when it is due.


Incase of FIT, we will need 10% of the Invoice amount as a booking token. 60-30 days prior to tour date 50% of the Invoice amount. 29-15 days prior to tour date full amount has to be paid. TRAVEL RIGHT will intimate the time limit within which FULL Invoice amount has to be made.


All payments should be made by Cheque or Internet Banking to our Bank Account as mentioned below.

Bank Details: AXIS BANK

Account Name: TRAVEL RIGHT

Account no. 914020037443186

IFSC: UTIB0000349

Branch: AXIS BANK, RR Realty, LBS Marg, Bhandup (W), Mumbai 400078


Cash deposits to made into our Bank Account will attract charges and it has to be borne by the client. Incase of payment received by Debit card or Credit card, surcharges will be applied by such 3rd party and will be borne by the client. For the payments received from abroad, if there is any charges levied by the incoming Bank, such charges will be recovered from the client.


If the tour is cancelled by the client for any reason, cancellation charges of Rs. 2000 per person or 10% of the invoice amount-whichever is higher will be applicable. TRAVEL RIGHT reserves the right to modify the charges for case to case basis. 


(a) Cancellation by TRAVEL RIGHT – Except as otherwise provided herein, in the event that TRAVEL RIGHT must cancel a tour, TRAVEL RIGHT will give the Client a full refund of all ground cost payments, except the costs of any non-refundable deposits, hotel, air or ground transportation arrangements already purchased by TRAVEL RIGHT for the Client. Trip insurance is recommended.

 (b) Cancellation Due to War or Natural Disaster – In the event that the tour must be cancelled due to war or natural disaster, TRAVEL RIGHT will refund all payments the Client has made, except the costs of any non-refundable deposits, hotel, air, or ground transportation tickets already purchased by TRAVEL RIGHT for the Client. Trip insurance is recommended.

(c) Cancellation Due to Group Size – If a viable trip of 10-15 clients is confirmed and possible, and then all but fewer cancel, the remaining Clients will be given a refund, except costs of any non-refundable deposits, hotel, air or ground transportation tickets already purchased by TRAVEL RIGHT for the Client. Trip insurance is recommended. The clients who wish to take the tour may have to bear the surcharge applicable for the reduced group size. This will be noted in advance.


Vouchers will be issued, after final payment, one week before departure by email. If client needs the hardcopy, courier charges will apply and has to be borne by the client. In case of last minute booking we will advise case by case when, where and how vouchers will be sent. Any expense incurred on this, will be borne by the client.


Apart from the general terms and conditions, TRAVEL RIGHT will inform incase, if any, the terms and conditions, cancellation and refund policies etc. pertaining to the tour to the client for every case to case basis as and when required.


All invoices and vouchers related to the tour will be emailed to the client/ representative. Incase they need the documents to be couriered to them, extra charges will be applicable and the same will be advised to the client/ representative.

28. GOAL.

TRAVEL RIGHT’s goal is to provide a unique and enjoyable travel experience for each Client. We will do our best to accommodate the best as per the client’s/ group requirements.



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